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Audio Production

TW Podcasts is our service that enhances your marketing mix and communications through the use of sound.

TW Podcasts is the dedicated section of TW digital media that can enhance your communication and marketing mix, through the use of Sound.

Sound is a very powerful communication medium that is under-used in business. Adding audio to your existing marketing tools will create an extra dimension and make your company more memorable.

Audio creates an intimate, personal atmosphere, allowing more information to be digested in a shorter space of time. It can be more appealing to listen to information as opposed to reading pages and pages of text. In addition, you are not tied to one task when listening to audio, but can absorb information whilst continuing with other things.

The atmosphere and environment is yours to choose. By being imaginative with descriptive words and sound effects it is easy to create the exact message you want to deliver. Written text alone cannot achieve as much. Enthusiasm, passion, fear, happiness, delivering orders, or congratulating individuals can all be brought to life through the power of audio. Sound allows you to focus people's minds so that you can perfectly represent the message you want to get across.

Our audio clip below perfectly outlines the audio benefits.

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Areas to add audio

The power of audio can used in many different ways and TW Digital Media can help every step of the way. Sound can bring to life the following:

  • Client testimonials
  • Website introductions
  • Training and education materials
  • Press releases
  • Talking books
  • Company brochures

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If you have a message, communicating through audio maximises its effect and gives your company a voice.

To make your message unique TW Digital Media has a flexible solution for you. Click here to find out more Podcast Uses.


Bring your company brochures to life with the addition of sound. TW Digital Media can script, record and add audio to them, highlighting key information and connecting better with the individual. Listeners will absorb the important points and remember your information above that of other companies. To hear an example please click on our eBrochure below.

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