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Speaking to your audience

Good communication is vital to business success. Whether you're telling customers or employees your latest news, giving advice and tips, or updating them on current projects, regular contact with your target audience is essential.

A Crowd

A video or audio production can help you stand out from your competitors and communicate in a unique and absorbing way. In our everyday lives we receive information in a wide variety of ways, and business communication should be just as stimulating in order to be remembered. Audio and video can bring your website to life or give you an interesting new communication tool. Use it to distribute press releases and conference presentations or to give a personal touch to client testimonials. Why not add an extra dimension to online brochures by giving potential clients a visual product demonstration? Using digital media keeps your website interesting and fresh and gives your company an up-to-date image.

Example podcast

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Internal Communications

A video or audio production can help increase the effectiveness of your internal communications, being a more personal and direct way to share a message across your organisation. Whether it's in the form of podcasts, audio or a DVD-based training manual, it will add an extra dimension to communicating with your staff.

A Speaker System

Delivering company and industry news, annual reports, staff induction and training can all be done via audio or video. Sharing information in this way ensures that the tone of the message you want to deliver is exactly right. Unlike the written word there can be no misinterpretation, as the right level of emotions such as enthusiasm or seriousness can clearly be detected by the recipients.

Staff inductions usually consist of digesting reams and reams of text, endless presentations on company structure and hierarchy plus health and safety procedures. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, often depleting the enthusiasm of the new starter. A staff induction that is delivered aurally can take all of this information and encapsulate it into one fun, easy to digest presentation. Staff can be involved and interviewed, giving the new starter a clear outline of where they will fit in, what is expected of them and how to gain more information. Audio and video information is more quickly absorbed and understood, freeing up staff time and allowing them to get on with their jobs.

Audio can also easily be distributed to portable devices, so staff out on the road or busy individuals can receive the same message as that of their office-based colleagues.

Example podcast - Staff Induction

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Add an extra tool to your marketing mix with an audio or video production. It will quickly gain a focused audience, allowing you to convey your message with passion and enthusiasm. TW Digital Media can produce marketing podcasts that will give you a competitive edge. The key to any marketing campaign is momentum, and a podcast helps to drive things forwards. Encouraging people to subscribe to a series of podcasts will mean that updates are automatically sent directly to their computers.

A Graphic Equaliser

Messages that detail new events, company top tips, seasonal variations, or just up-to-date news bulletins can all be delivered via audio or video. Not only will the information they receive be more readily-absorbed in more detail compared to written documents, but the information can automatically be sent out directly to the recipients' computers. No longer will clients and prospects have to search for your company news and information; it will be delivered directly whenever you issue a new update. More effective than a printed newsletter, a podcast that is truly of interest to your target market will ensure that people are always waiting for the next instalment, and that your company and its products are always at the forefront of their minds.

In addition to podcasts, promotional videos can bring to life any product or service that needs to be seen to be appreciated. This very personal connection really breaks down barriers to communication and shows clients your true capabilities.

Example podcast

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Deliver training to educate your employees or clients using digital media. An audio production is great way to enhance the training materials that you currently have. Bringing training to life in this way keeps it interesting and ensures that information will be remembered better and for longer.

A Team

Having properly-trained staff and customers reduces the risk of damage to equipment and, more importantly, to people. Having an audio walk-through guide or a visual breakdown of tasks can reduce the time it takes for people to become familiar with a procedure. In addition, capturing information via audio or video can reduce the number of times a trainer will have to visit a site to deliver training. As it is easy to distribute, staff that are spread over a wide area or constantly on the move will not be at a disadvantage. New or temporary staff can also quickly gain up-to-date training in a stimulating way without the logistical problems of organising training events or taking time out of their busy day.

Client Testimonial

TW Digital Media created the perfect video for my training needs. Their attention to detail was evident throughout and they quickly gained an understanding of the sheep milking process and the message I wanted to portray. The finished video was exactly what we require and everyone here is extremely happy with it.

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Website enhancements

Websites are now capable of so much more than just hosting text and images. Incorporating video or audio into your site can quickly differentiate it from those of your competitors and elicit a positive response from visitors.

A Website

Creating a good impression on your website is essential; it is your company's shop window. Bringing it to life with video and audio is a great way to keep your site fresh, interesting, exciting and informative, making people want to visit more often. It is a very personal approach that breaks down barriers between you and your clients. Hearing or seeing somebody creates a personal connection and is more memorable than just reading text. Audio or video can be used to enhance client testimonials, company news, an overview of your business, or simply to bring to life the information you are sharing.

Example podcast

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