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Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I use the production?
Audio and video productions can be placed onto a CD or DVD and distributed in that way. They can also be attached to emails. The more places that the target audience can hear or see the finished production the better. The options are vast and largely dependent upon with whom you want to share the message.
Do I have to be on the final production?
No. It is entirely up to you if you are on the video or audio podcast. The podcast is a great personal communication tool, but if you feel that your presence would not be required, then we can make arrangements to incorporate presenters for video podcasts and voiceovers for audio podcasts. We have a wide range to choose from, all with impressive CVs of previous work.
Does TW Digital Media put the finished production onto my site?
We can produce the audio or video production to be of any length and in any format. We produce the finished product and format it correctly to be uploaded to your site. We would talk with your web designers to discuss how and where to send the finished podcast, but we wouldn't upload it to your site.
What size file will the audio production create?
Audio podcasts create smaller sized files than those of video. For audio, a minute in length will usually mean around 1mb in file size. Roughly speaking, a podcast of around ten minutes in length will be around 10mb in size, which is still suitable to email.
For video the size depends on the output. MPEG4 files (available to play on portable devices) can be around 6mb per minute. We can produce video in any format to be played via any device.
Which production should I opt for; video or audio?
With any production you must consider your options with the end audience in mind. Put yourself in the shoes of your target market and think which they might prefer. In some cases it is essential to view the product, task or service you are describing. However, when the information can be shared through description alone, we believe that harnessing the power of the spoken word is best, and that opting for an audio podcast is the most effective solution.
What is meant by web video streaming?
Web video streaming is placing video onto your website, allowing you to share your video online with visitors to your site. We have the ability to produce or convert a video to be uploaded onto your website.