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Production Process

Establishing your needs

We will take time to listen and to clarify how best TW Digital Media can help you. We will look into all options to ensure that the finished production will achieve your required objectives. We will offer advice, show you examples and provide information on how to create your perfect message.

We can set deadlines and timescales that meet your requirements; whether you want to call upon us to complete something immediately or commission a long-term project, we have the ability and expertise to turn around productions in a way that suits you.

Video Production

TW Digital Media can help at every step of the way. For every production we will first clarify the objectives of the video and the audience it is aimed at. We will then begin to shape the structure and feel of the production with a storyboard.

The storyboard will depict the framework of the production, detailing the type of shots we will obtain. You will be consulted to ensure it flows correctly and achieves its objectives. Once this is agreed filming can then start.
We use high quality camera equipment to ensure a high quality production. Our professional crew will ensure that the shots outlined in the storyboard are achieved, and that contributors to the video are all well-briefed and at ease during filming. Once the filming is complete we can then begin the edit.
Editing again uses the best possible equipment. Voiceovers, presenters, music and graphics are all brought together to bring the video to life in the edit. Once you are completely happy with the final outcome we will then deliver the finished production.
We can produce the video on DVD, or in a format suitable for your website or for portable handheld devices. Wherever you need the final production we can deliver it for you.

Audio Production

Training Staff

TW Digital Media can help at every step of the way. Audio production is very personal and no two productions are the same. The service we provide is yours to define. We can simply record your script and return the audio back to you. Alternatively we offer additional services in the following areas:

  • Storyboard template
  • Scripts
  • Music and jingles
  • Composed music
  • Voiceovers
  • Updates

Please contact TW Digital Media in the first instance so that we can talk through your options.

Make your production unique

Our music composer can work with you to create your unique sound. Music can be an extremely powerful way to deliver a message. It catches the ear, engages the listener and, when tailored to the exact requirements of the production, strengthens the impact of your audio or video production.

A professional voiceover is an invaluable asset to any production. It adds the finishing touch, ensures a polished production and improves the impact of the message that you are delivering.

We have a selection of professional voiceovers for you to choose from. Below is an audio example of the voiceovers that we have. If you don't hear your perfect voiceover artist we are confident that we can source the right one for you.

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